Best Fortnite Maps

Map Name Players Made By Map Code Game Modes Description
The Pit – Free For All 40k players Made by Geerzy 4590-4493-7113v624 Free For All | Practice | PvP | Respawn
Bio’s Zone Wars – Custom TRIO 25k players Made by biobotpro 4059-2791-0712v729 Trios | Zonewars Zone wars with 5 custom teams | Always play with your friends or random players in a team | Falldamage ON
TILTED ZONE WARS 30k players Made by PrettyBoyyAM 3729-0643-9775v689 Action | Battle Royale | Zonewars
GO GOATED! Zone Wars 36k players Made by theboydilly 3305-1551-7747v1023 Base | PvP | Zonewars 4 Teams Battle | Classic Zone Wars Game | Select Your Team | Eliminations Save
BHE 1V1 BUILD FIGHTS 20k players Made by BHE 8064-7152-2934v501 Solo | 1v1 | Building | Competitive 1V1 BUILD FIGHT
RED VS BLUE RUMBLE 17k players Made by boykaaro 6207-0778-2857v650 Team Deathmatch ENDLESS TEAM DEATHMATCH COMBAT | POWERUPS AND SECRETS | MYTHIC Weapons | Your Eliminations are Saved
Fun World 3.0 11k players Made by JensonPrimal 4925-3037-4281v326 Action | FFA | Respawn Your Scoreboard Stats Save | Reset Builds Every 10 min | 20 Coins Per Elimination | Fun World 3.0 is an exciting free for all
LANTERN FEST TOUR 11k players Made by Sir SAN 3691-9667-3697v30 Deathrun | Just For Fun | Minigame Put on your best sleuthing face, get your squad together and drop into the new Lantern Fest World. Decode the riddles, unlock the codes
The Mountain Road 5k players Made by Bulpp 9123-1250-5370v10 Race | Friendly | Open World | Just For Fun
Crime City Code 10 Made by RajanPlaysGames 3275-5218-3618v135 Solo | Action | Exploration | Role Playing Crime City is a dynamic and persistent online world for 48 players. This map will let you and your friends team up to takcle missions, activities, etc…